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    TechnoPark Corp. is a custom software development company equipped with a unique proprietary implementation of eXtremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD), a unique project management methodology, provided through

    Key facts about TechnoPark Corp.:

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    DUNS? Number:62-773-2535
    NAICS? code:541511
    Incorporated on:20-Feb-2006
    Incorporated in:State of Florida, USA
    Legal status:Corporation
    Full-time Employees:6
    Headquarters and Sales Office: 440 North Wolfe Road,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    tel. (860) 506-5536
    Profile:Custom software development company
    Patents (including pending ones): 12/193,010, 12/264,370, 12/703,202, 12/840,306, 12/943,022
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2000 since Jan-08
    Copyrights: TPC Logo with a slogan "Plan Your Success" registered on 11-Nov-08 in US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    "Team as a Service" trademark registered by USPTO

    Copyright for online project management materials is registered in Ukraine.

    Text of our software development contract is registered with US Copyright Office.

    Contact us and we disclose more information: references, pricing, existing success clients, etc.

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