History Of Growth

    We are doing custom software development since 2001, here is a list of key facts and events:

    Date Event
    April, 2014 founded to provide Team as a Service and aggregate our achievements in this area
    January, 2011 Team as a Service (TaaS) business model was invented and presented to a number of prospects in Florida and North California.
    October, 2010 We took active participation in development and design of a first draft of XDSD (eXtremely Distributed Software Development) open methodology
    August, 2010 Our dedicated team of engineers invented and applied a USPTO patent no. 12/840,306 for a method of conflict resolution in distributed software development
    March, 2010 A dedicated team of PHP programmers working under TechnoPark Corp.'s management finished the first version of phpRack, an open-source project for automation of integration testing
    November, 2009 TechnoPark Corp. signed a long term software development contract with a North American investment management company working in Oil & Gas market
    July, 2009 A team under our management started a development of FaZend Framework, an open-source framework for continuous integration and automated building simplification
    August, 2008 TechnoPark Corp. registered its first patent application with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), App. no. 12/193,010
    June, 2008 TechnoPark Corp. registered copyright for online project management materials published on the corporate site, read more
    April, 2008 TechnoPark Corp. becomes a member of Better Business Bureau
    January, 2008 TechnoPark Corp. successfully announced their ISO 9001:2000 certification, read more
    January, 2008 TechnoPark Corp. receives Online Privacy Seal from, that confirms our intention to protect personally identifiable information provided to us by our customers, read more
    March, 2007 TechnoPark Corp. becomes a member of, read more
    November, 2006 Mobile payment processing software, developed by TechnoPark Corp., is certified by Visa/Mastercard as compliant to PCI DSS Level 1, read more
    March, 2006 TechnoPark Corp. becomes a member of Hi-Tech Initiative, Ukraine.
    February, 2006 TechnoPark Corp. is incorporated in Florida, United States as S-Corporation.
    March, 2000 Custom software development business is started in Florida, United States and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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