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    The latest news about our company, events, conferences, and achievements: Automates Routine DevOps Operations. was recently launched to automate routine DevOps operations, including merging, deploying and releasing
    published on 19 Aug 2014 Started To Offer "Team As A Service". TechnoPark Corp. started a new brand called for providing "Team" as a Service
    published on 14 Apr 2014

    Open Source Java Project Sponsored By Us. We sponsored an open source Java project to help our developers with experiments in distributed programming.
    published on 5 Jul 2013

    Technopark Corp. Is An Official Apn Partner. Technopark Corp. is among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Technology Partner.
    published on 16 Nov 2012; a Free Http Auth Gateway In Front Of Amazon S3 Bucket. TechnoPark Corp. sponsors a free hosted service for Amazon S3 bucket owners who need HTTP Basic authentication for their private content.
    published on 22 Sep 2012

    Team As A Service™. Team as a Service™ business model to be presented to Californian software development companies in January 2011
    published on 20 Jan 2011

    Extremely Distributed Software Development. TechnoPark Corp. took a participation in the inventing and developing of a new open methodology called Extremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD). Now we are proposing its proprietary implementation to our first pilot clients.
    published on 3 Nov 2010

    Puzzle Driven Development (PDD) To Help In Distributed Projects. One of the biggest problems in parallel distributed programming has been solved with a patent-pending method called Puzzle Driven Development (PDD).
    published on 29 Aug 2010

    Pdd Patent Application No. 12/840,306. Patent for Puzzle Driven Development (PDD) mechanism that helps distributed software development teams keep changes under control has been submitted to USPTO.
    published on 21 Jul 2010

    A Unique Open-Source Integration Testing Framework Developed. phpRack, a new open-source framework has been introduced to web developers by a dedicated, distributed team of PHP programmers managed by TechnoPark Corp.
    published on 25 May 2010

    Formal And Easy To Understand Software Requirements. Requirements Definition and Query Language (RQDQL) is a open-source initiative started by TechnoPark Corp. engineers and system analysts
    published on 15 Apr 2010

    Tools Europe 2009 Attendees To Discover How Work Can Be A Game In Risk Identification. Software project managers now have a new tool in their arsenal when it comes to risk identification - a game. Developed by TechnoPark Corp., this innovative new method will be unveiled at the TOOLS 2009-hosted SEAFOOD '09 conference. Already field tested, this method has been shown to save considerable time and costs and improve the quality of risk identification.
    published on 23 Jun 2009

    Profes 2009 Attendees Glimpse Method Behind Superior Cost Estimating Accuracy. Software development project managers now have a better way to estimate the cost of development, thanks to TechoPark Corp. Its CEO will, for the first time, showcase the method used in its revolutionary approach to cost estimating for software projects, at a conference dedicated to process improvement of software development.
    published on 22 May 2009

    Software Bugs Should Be Anticipated In Advance. TechnoPark Corp. reveals a simple mechanism of test planning for software development projects, which obliges a software team to anticipate bugs in a software product in advance.
    published on 23 Apr 2009

    Patent-pending Invention Enabled Success In A Project By For The innovative method of quality control for software development projects was successfully implemented and filed for patent in Europe. TechnoPark Corp., the inventor of the method, is pending patent in United States since September 2008.
    published on 21 Mar 2009

    Four Most Severe Symptoms Of Lost Quality Control. Quality-of-code in remote programming projects can be monitored and controlled by means of instant metrics and motivation mechanisms. TechnoPark Corp. has developed such a method.
    published on 12 Feb 2009

    Technopark Reveals Quality Of Process For Software Development. Patent Pending for TechnoPark: Method for Measuring Quality of Process
    published on 23 Dec 2008

    Estimates Are More Reliable With Technopark Corp., New Patent-pending Invention. TechnoPark Corp. Registers a New Invention with USPTO.
    published on 9 Oct 2008

    Technopark Corp. Stays On Track With Continuous Integration. TechnoPark Corp. uses Apache Continuum for continuous integration of their projects
    published on 12 Sep 2008

    Technopark Corp. Helps Gaming Community Reach A United States Market. TechnoPark Corp.'s software tools enable membership payments for the gaming industry
    published on 18 Jul 2008

    Copyright Approval Is Announced For Technopark Corp.'s Online Project Management Materials. Technpark Corp. applied for and received copyright protection on over eighty pages of online project management procedural information. Following guidelines from PMBOK and CMMI, the copyrighted online documents will be followed by patents in the next year.
    published on 20 Jun 2008

    Technopark Corp. Displays The Better Business Bureau Online Seal. TechnoPark Corp. announces their BBB Online Seal and discusses the company's continuing strategy of using third party certification to underscore their commitment to privacy standards.
    published on 18 Jun 2008

    Technopark Corp Develops Their First Personalized Search Engine For A Niche Market. The new search engine is a personalized, small system that collects search information from different search engines and then integrates it in one SERP. It can attract niche customers, giving them the sum of what Google, Yahoo, MSN and other giants can't give from one usable and intuitive interface.'s unique value is in it's search engine model. It is simple, fast and relevant and brings a lot of marketing opportunities.
    published on 2 Jun 2008

    A New Platform For The Premium Sms Market Has Reached Its Second Release. The Premium SMS market in the US is growing, with forecasted turnover in 2009 of $1,9 bln. TechnoPark Corp., a Floridian custom software development company, is launching a second release of the Premium SMS marketing platform.
    published on 8 Apr 2008

    Technopark Corp. Helps Deliver "Video On Demand" Over The Internet.. TechnoPark Corp. will Create Customizable Platform Software for IPTV Translations.
    published on 20 Mar 2008

    Technopark Corp. Announces Iso 9001:2000 Certification. TechnoPark Corp. ensures quality by meeting ISO standards.
    published on 28 Jan 2008

    Technopark Corp. Provides Proof Of Privacy. TechnoPark Corp. displays the TRUSTe Seal of privacy and works toward ISO 27001 certification.
    published on 11 Jan 2008

    Technopark Corp. Hires Taleo For Talent Solutions. TechnoPark Corp. installs Taleo management solutions on their website.
    published on 20 Dec 2007

    Partnership Yields Profits For Technopark Corp.. Ukranian software development company TechnoPark Corp. announces significant improvements in its sales processes after a successful partnership with
    published on 26 Oct 2007

    Technopark Corp. Collaborates With On A Ppc Optimizer. TechnoPark Corp. creates individualized software tools for an online marketing website.
    published on 11 Oct 2007

    Technopark Corp. To Attend Cgo Conference. On September 6th and 7th of 2007, TechnoPark Corp.'s management will attend the Sixth Annual International Smart-Sourcing Conference organized by the CGO.
    published on 3 Sep 2007

    A New Website For The Concord Group Corporation Just Released. TechnoPark Corp. recently completed website development for the Concord Group
    published on 13 Aug 2007

    Technopark Corp. Hosted It Meeting. TechnoPark Corp. recently hosted a meeting of the IT companies in the Dnepropetrovsk Region of the Ukraine.
    published on 2 Aug 2007

    Mysellerspace Project Finished By Technopark Corp.. TechnoPark Corp. recently finished a new web commerce project, The web site was developed to provide an online platform for selling things online.
    published on 30 Jul 2007

    Tpc's Management Certified With Pmp. TechnoPark Corp. management's professional skills have been awarded with a Project Management Professional Certificate.
    published on 27 Jul 2007

    Technopark Corp. Introduces German Version Of Corporate Web Site. A German version of TechnoPark Corp.'s web site is now available at The new website is targeted at German and German speaking businesses in sestern Europe.
    published on 7 Jun 2007

    Wikifox Project Finished. June 4, 2007 -- TechnoPark Corp. recently finished WikiFox, a German-language informational website providing details on other websites across the Internet.
    published on 4 Jun 2007

    Technopark Corp. Prepares For Iso Certification. May 24, 2007 -- TechnoPark Corp. (TPC) recently began preparing to obtain ISO 9001 certification, a process expected to take approximately 7 months.
    published on 24 May 2007

    Technopark Corp. Adopts A New Model Of Software Development Estimation, Delivers Accuracy. When it comes to developing software, accurate projections are 80% of the challenge. TechnoPark Corp. went on a quest to find the most successful method of estimating project cost and duration at the start of each project.
    published on 14 May 2007

    Technopark Corp. Launches Social Web Project. TechnoPark Corp. recently began work on a new social and political web property that will merge popular features of YouTube and MySpace.
    published on 25 Apr 2007

    Technopark Corp. Becomes Member Of Russoft. TechnoPark Corp. has become an associate member of RUSSOFT Association. RUSSOFT is an international association of development companies aimed at promoting Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian software services.
    published on 21 Mar 2007

    Technopark Corp. Visits Mobile Monday. February 19, 2007 -- TechnoPark Corp. visits Mobile Monday in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mobile Monday is a one-day international event held in about 40 cities all over the world.
    published on 19 Feb 2007

    Outsourcing To Ukraine: 2006 Results And 2007 Expectations. 2006 showed that IT outsourcing remained one of the most dynamic fields in the Ukrainian economy. Because of the growing requirements for the service, 2007 is also expected to be successful for the industry.
    published on 18 Jan 2007

    Voipx: In Voip Traffic Exchange Software Talks. TechnoPark Corp. finished development of new VoIP Traffic Exchange Platform. The exchange is available at
    published on 13 Dec 2006

    Coaching Gets Easy With New Basketball Software. A new software product developed by TechnoPark Corp. has been released. The product enables easy visual coaching and game strategy planning.
    published on 11 Dec 2006

    Technopark Corp. Visited Sec(r) 2006. On November 16 - 17, Software Engineering Conference (Russia), or SEC(R), the conference devoted to Information Technology and Software Engineering, took place in Moscow. TechnoPark Corp.'s management has attended the event.
    published on 18 Nov 2006

    Technopark Corp.'s Product Certified By Visa. The first Ukrainian company was found to be compliant against PCI Data Security Standards. In October, software developed by the Ukrainian outsourcing company TechnoPark Corp. was certified by VISA.
    published on 16 Nov 2006 Releases New Smart Pay Per Click System Clickfather. introduces a search pay-per-click system able to analyze bid prices for every request and select the most profitable variant. The software development was outsourced to Ukrainian TechnoPark Corp.
    published on 15 Nov 2006

    Outsourcing It Projects To Ukraine: What To Expect?. Risky or profitable - which of the two characteristics outweighs in outsourcing to the Ukraine? The Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum (UOF) 2006 has uncovered the most burning questions in order to find the right answers.
    published on 1 Nov 2006

    Technopark Corp. Finished Modera Project. TechnoPark Corp. has finished the development of a plug-in for the Content Management System "Modera".
    published on 26 Oct 2006

    Problems Of Regional It Companies To Be Studied At Uof. Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum (UOF) 2006 will take place in Kiev October 26-27. This year, problems and prospects of regional outsourcing IT companies will be highlighted among the other issues. TechnoPark Corp. (Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine) will report on regional outsourcing problems.
    published on 25 Oct 2006

    Technopark Corp. Is Attending T.r.a.f.f.i.c. 2006. From October 24-28, TechnoPark Corp. is attending T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2006 which is one of the largest and most successful domain conferences.
    published on 24 Oct 2006

    Technopark Corp. To Make A Presentation At Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum. Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum (UOF) 2006 will take place in Kiev on October 26-27. According to the Forum Organizers, the forum objective is to promote development of Ukrainian market of software development and IT Outsourcing Services.
    published on 16 Oct 2006

    Technopark Corp.'s Website Added To Yahoo Directory. TechnoPark Corp. corporate website has been approved by Yahoo Directory editors. It is now listed in one of the biggest online directories in the world.
    published on 13 Sep 2006

    New Generation Software For Voip. TechnoPark Corp. starts development of multifunctional platform for traffic trading.
    published on 4 Sep 2006

    CISP/SDP Cerfitication In September. Payment applications market gets new security standards compliant product. Recently released TechnoPark Corp.'s mobile payment software will pass Visa/MasterCard CISP/SDP Certification in September 2006.
    published on 19 Aug 2006

    Mobile Poker Platform Development Started. TechnoPark Corp. started the project of mobile poker application development.
    published on 9 Aug 2006

    Ukrainian High-tech Initiative Announces The Outsourcing Forum. TechnoPark Corp. will participate in the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum (UOF) which is scheduled on October 2006.
    published on 21 Jul 2006

    Mobile Credit Card Processing System Is Developed. Mobile credit card payment processing system was developed by TechnoPark Corp. The system will be deployed in Europe this summer.
    published on 21 Jul 2006

    New M-payment Provider, Mpps, Enters The Market. New mobile payment processing system, developed by TechnoPark Corp. to be introduced soon.
    published on 21 Dec 2005

    Interbill System Developed By Technopark Corp.. September 18, 2005 Interbill project was finished at TechnoPark Corp.
    published on 18 Sep 2005

    Starwest 2004: Technopark Corp. Attended Testing Conference. November 15-19, 2004 -- TechnoPark Corp. extended its testing knowledge and skills at STARWEST Conference 2004 devoted to software testing and quality assurance.
    published on 22 Nov 2004

    Www2004 Presented Latest Achievements In Web And Web Standardization. The international World Wide Web Conference2004 was held in New-York. It gathered web professionals to discuss the most burning aspect of this developing area.
    published on 25 May 2004

    Rup-based Process: Next Step To High Quality Service. TechnoPark Corp. introduced RUP-based software development process to increase reliability and quality of processes and products.
    published on 5 Feb 2003

    Technopark Corp. Is Attending Business Exhibition Wales. May 14, 2002 - two-day Business Exhibition Wales started in Cardiff International Arena.
    published on 14 May 2002

    Requirements-based Software Development Process Introduced In Technopark Corp.. The process of integration and documentation of a requirements-based software development approach has been finished at TechnoPark Corp.
    published on 15 Jan 2002

    A Group Of TPC's Senior Developers Visits Conference. March 25-26, 2002 - TPC's ASP.NET programming team attended at the ASP.NET Developer Conference & Expo - Spring 2002.
    published on 4 Jan 2002

    Technopark Corp. Visited Vienne Conference. September 10-14, 2001 TechnoPark Corp. visited the European Software Engineering Conference in Vienne.
    published on 16 Sep 2001

    Technopark Corp. To Visit Ada-europe'2001. May 15, 2001 TechnoPark Corp. will visit 6th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies
    published on 10 May 2001

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