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    Puzzle Driven Development (PDD). One of the biggest problems in parallel distributed programming has been solved with a patent-pending method called Puzzle Driven Development (PDD).
    published on 21 Jul 2010

    Risk Game. The described method is a risk identification scenario for software development projects, where the project team is multi-lingual and distributed, time for the risk identification meeting is limited, meetings are recurrent and an amount of risks required is bigger than a hundred.
    published on 23 Jun 2009

    Revolutionary Method Of Cost Estimating. We invented a method of software cost estimating using a limited number of functional requirements, called Scope Champions. The method reduces the costs of estimating and increases accuracy. Full presentation of the method will be given on PROFES-09 conference in Oulu, Finland, on the 16th of June.
    published on 22 May 2009

    Planning Of Software Bugs. One of the most common mistake in software development is a negative attitute towards bugs. In the article we explain that software bugs should be planned the same way as you plan new features and releases of your product.
    published on 26 Apr 2009

    Most Popular Software Development And Project Management Industry De-facto Standards (summary). Lists of roles, processes and artifacts for RUP, MSF, PRINCE2, PMBOK and CMMI. Summary report for educational purposes.
    published on 13 Apr 2009

    A Good Way For Non-programmer Managers To Improve Quality-of-code. Two most important software code metrics (Test Code Coverage and Cyclomatic Complexity), if properly calculated and delivered, may resolve the problem with quality of code in distributed teams.
    published on 3 Feb 2009

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