menu Automates Routine DevOps Operations, a new cloud service for DevOps automation, was recently launched by TechnoPark Corp. It is unique in that it is the only service that interactively enables the smooth integration of programming teams with DevOps processes.

    Right after its official launch in July 2014, Rultor served over 50 open source projects in Github, including Jcabi, Qulice, and ReXSL. It also automated its own DevOps operations, releasing new versions of itself to CloudBees (this is where its core module is hosted).

    Yegor Bugayenko, chief architect of Rultor, says that "the service is highly scalable and flexible, since it uses Amazon Web Services EC2 platform for server machines, and runs every build in its own Docker container."

    The use of Docker is one of the most interesting features of Rultor. This technology enables a perfectly safe isolation of running builds from different projects. Every project in every build has its own Docker container, that can be configured individually and gets deleted immediately after the build is finished. This use of Docker is exclusive to Rultor and makes them a key player in the market of continuous integration hosted solutions.

    Another unique feature of Rultor is that it doesn't have a management panel. Instead, it communicates with programming teams through their existing issue tracking systems. At the moment, Github issue tracking is the only system Rultor supports. In the nearest future, JIRA, Trac, and Basecamp will also be supported.

    TechnoPark Corp. fully sponsors the project, which is why Rultor is absolutely free both for open source and commercial projects.

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