Technopark Corp. Visited Vienne Conference

    From September 10 to September 14, the Vienna University of Technology hosted thethird Vienne software conference, ESEC/FSE 2001.

    ESEC 2001 is a European event. It gathered representatives of softwareengineering business as well as software-related academicians. The conferenceprovided workshops, tutorials, and discussions of the major problems insoftware engineering.

    The conference offered tutorials on software architecture design strategies,component technologies, component-based software engineering, web developmentwith XML and XSL, software development with UML, peer-to-peer informationsystems, and some others. Among the offered tutorials, the most popular onecovered requirements-based engineering providing new approach to softwaredevelopment process.

    From TechnoPark Corp. representatives, they have already started theintegration of Requirements-Based software development process into company'soperation.

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