Technopark Corp. To Visit Ada-europe'2001

    TechnoPark Corp. is going to visit the Ada-Europe conference which will take place in Leuven, Belgium. TPC is planning a one day visit to the conference. On May 15, the most interesting topic of the conference will be presented. Belgium Professor Axel van Lamsweerde will speak on Requirements engineering ("Building Formal Models for Software Requirements").

    Requirements engineering (RE) is connected with achievement of goals set by acustomer before the software development process starts. The achievement of these envisioned goals crucial for both the customer and the software development service provider. Thus, requirements engineering is core discipline in software development project. Being an extremely important activity, RE is also a very difficult one.

    The speaker will discuss goals, activities, motivators and challenges of Requirement Engineering process, and emphasize on role of rich models in Requirements Engineering processes.

    By attending the conference, TechnoPark Corp. expects to increase its knowledge and practical skills in requirements engineering in order to provide its customers with high-class software development services.

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