Requirements-based Software Development Process Introduced In Technopark Corp.

    Now the company offers the new level of services to its customers.

    The final introduction of this new approach to the software development process was prefaced by three months of personnel training which included tutorials and practical seminars for project managers, system analysts, software architects, and software developers.

    The decision to study and use requirements-based software development process arose from recognition of its importance. Requirements-based software development is a guarantee that the software product will meet customer's requirements when it is developed. It is based on the assumption that exact requirements for the software system are not known until the system is developed. That is why the company instituted iterative approach as grounds for requirements-based development.

    With the introduction of this software development model, requirements management and becomes one of the core disciplines in company operations. Project managers, system analysts, and developers are involved in requirements management and requirements change management.

    The requirements-based approach provides that all requirements must be listed in specification document and approved by the customer before the start of implementation. Then, during the whole software development process, a certain piece of workable software is released each iteration, and this source code is tied to certain requirement(s). Frequent releases and connection with certain requirements assure that the software is being developed according to the customer's vision. In addition, this approach eases and clarifies Requirements Change Management.

    Now, requirements-based process is already used in TechnoPark Corp. adding value to the company's customers.

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