Starwest 2004: Technopark Corp. Attended Testing Conference

    TechnoPark Corp. (TPC) visited the conference as an attendee. The attendance was aimed at enhancing company's skills in testing process by exchanging experience with other software testing professionals. TPC's team visited tutorials and keynote reports on different testing aspects.

    STARWEST 2004 focused on test case design. As long as a tester can create numerous test cases for any application, the test case design must be smart, not hidebound. Techniques helping to create smart test cases and save time and effort were presented during the conference. In addition to this problem, conference participants discussed testing automation and software testing outsourcing.

    While discussing test management, the conference pointed out that relationships between test or QA group and developers were very important independently of what testing methodologies and approaches are used in company.

    STARWEST 2004 took place in Anaheim, CA on November 15-19.

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