Www2004 Presented Latest Achievements In Web And Web Standardization

    TPC's team attended the conference in order to learn more about new web standards worked out by W3C and study best practices in the world of web development.

    WWW2004 conference was organized by International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2). It was opened with keynote report by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the W3C and inventor of the Web. In the report he outlined the previous year's achievements in web development, focused on most actual problems and made interesting proposals.

    During Berners-Lee's report the discussion was mainly about Top Level Domains expansion. Recently it was offered to introduce more TDLs in addition to traditional .com, .org, etc. Some variants of new domain name extensions were spoken, such as .aero, .museum, .name, .bigco, and industry-specific domains like .xxx and .mobi. The speaker criticized the idea emphasizing that new TDLs must be created only as exeptions.

    During the main conference, search systems development was discussed and a presentation of Amazon's search system was made. The second day covered Semantic web Applications. The WWW2004 conference finished on May 21 with a traditional Developer's day.

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