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    The introduction of new VoIP exchange platform is a desired event. Demand for high-quality IP Telephony Exchanges is stimulated by the fast growth of the industry.

    According to the figures posted on, subscribers to VoIP services grew 18 percent to 8.2 million users in the third quarter of 2006. VoIP revenues are up two and a half times to $732 million across the U.S., compared to last year at $298 million. Predictions have the market growth projected at 1.5 million new subscriptions in the fourth quarter to round out the year with 9.7 million or nearly 8.7 percent of all U.S. households.

    LearningGuide Solutions studied the user's intentions about VoIP. The poll, conducted between June and October 2006, found that 30% were already using IP telephones, 34% intended to in the next twelve months and 16% were considering it.

    "This is in an increase on previous expectations of the growth of VoIP, signalling further change in the workplace," said Cees Louwers, Managing Director, LearningGuide Solutions. "Users will be faced with changes in how to use the most fundamental piece of office equipment, as telephones become part of the office network."

    Voice over Internet Protocol is developing in aggressive competitive environment. Its customers and profits are growing fast, however the competition with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) is still severe. Having a number of advantages like cheap or even free connection, IP Telephony often falls behind the POTS in quality and security of connection. The problem is within eyeshot of VoIP exchange software developers, and efforts targeted to its solution are made. developed by Technopark Corp. is a new generation platform heedful of the latest demands of IP Telephony. The system is user-oriented thus it is aimed at fulfilling of a number of basic features: user-friendly interface, comprehensive billing, quality of calls, and security.

    The platform is developed with the use of modern programming technologies enabling its high scalability. The technologies include Ajax, used for interface design, and powerful PostgreSQL database.

    Dynamical routing provides system's switching to better-quality channel automatically. In so doing the system is able to select a channel with the same capabilities and price. Dynamical routing may improve connection quality without increasing cost of a call.

    Modularity of system's architecture enables making software components updates in order to maintain the proper level of security.

    The software enables processing the requests for origination/termination of connections through H.323 and SIP protocols. With, user can control origination and termination session process, get detailed statistics reports for each session, supervise service quality, be advised on the choice of appropriate equipment, etc. The Exchange Platform has an easy-to-use and comprehensive integrated billing system.

    VoIPX Platform has already been tested and released by outsourcing software development company TechnoPark Corp., and is available at .

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