Coaching Gets Easy With New Basketball Software

    Realistic graphics and a wide variety of available actions, directions and models make the new software "Basketball Blueprint" a great solution for coaches looking for a fun, easy way to teach basketball drills and plays. The product is a .NET application providing a virtual basketball game with a great number of variants.

    Basketball coaches are the software's target audience. Taking into account that about 70% people are visual learners, coaches often face the problem of misunderstanding when drawing up plays the traditional way on chalkboards or dry-erase boards. Thus, a tool for vivid illustration of play tactics is a great solution.

    With Basketball Blueprint, coaches are able to create dynamic basketball drills and plays and present them with vivid full color graphic animation.

    Basketball Blueprint allows the user to model a basketball play or drill, which includes viewing an object (player, ball, etc.) from different angles, placing and moving players, making passes and shots, drawing arrows and other indicators in order to explain the situation, and showing the play or drill in motion. Each play or drill can be saved. The software is supported by a website where users can upload and download their files and thus share their experience and ideas.

    The software is able to convert any saved drill or play into a printer-friendly format. This allows a coach to print out a step by step storyboard and illustrate the strategy visually to his team. The product is now being marketed on the Internet.

    By now, Basketball Blueprint has received feedback from coaches who had already tried it.

    "Teaches the "big picture" without being too complicated. Other coaches are commenting that my players have an excellent understanding of the game. Basketball Blueprint is helping me take their skills to the next level," says Joe Alsman, basketball coach in Boone Terre, MO.

    Basketball Blueprint is available at .

    The product development was outsourced to the Ukraine. The software has been introduced by outsourcing software development company TechnoPark Corp. "The project seemed to be easy, however it took much effort to make the game as realistic as possible. After the Basketball Blueprint release we have monitored customers' feedback, and now we think about starting development of the second version of the software basing on end-users' feedback." said Olga Totskaya, Project Manager at TechnoPark Corp.

    The software is easy-to-use and no special knowledge is needed. It will be useful for professional and amateur basketball coaches as well as for basketball fans.

    The project was developed as a standalone .Net application (Microsoft .Net Platform 2.0).

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