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    This fall, released new Pay Per Click search engine system. The software was developed by the Ukrainian outsourcing software development company TechnoPark Corp.

    The software is aimed at redirecting traffic to other Pay Per Click systems and providing affiliate webmasters with search tools and quality search results for their websites users. With the variety of PPC search systems, webmasters wonder how they can chase word prices and compare them. Prices for request words differ from system to system, so analyzing all of them and finding the most profitable variant sounds impossible. ClickFather software is aimed at solving the problem.

    is a Pay Per Click search engine system where every search result carries a bid value. It is the search PPC system with analyzer feature. ClickFather is able to gather data about bid prices for any request word from other Pay Per Click systems. The system selects the most profitable variant for every search request and redirects traffic from affiliate website to the sponsor offering the best price.

    "ClickFather knows how much our partners pay for a click on every keyword. If your user searches for the keyword "casino" ClickFather checks the bid price on all partners and sends the user to the partner with the highest payout," explains Markus Lang, Director of collects fees from sponsors for redirected traffic and pays fee to affiliate webmasters. Besides profits, webmasters get powerful search tool producing results based on analysis of numerous search engines results. From's Management, "The project will help people who are serious about online business."

    The system is also able to produce reports, real-time statistics and search XML feed for affiliate webmasters.

    The software development process was outsourced to the Ukrainian outsourcing company TechnoPark Corp. "We have an experience of developing such projects. In fact, provision of reliable anti-fraud protection was one of the core issues. We solved the problem by integrating a number of unique anti-fraud filters to the system. The system of filters is unique and it has been developed in TechnoPark Corp. by our engineers," says Denis Maruda, Project Manager at TechnoPark Corp.

    The project was developed on LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP) platform and has been deployed by TechnoPark Corp.'s engineers successfully. The system is available at .

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