Problems Of Regional It Companies To Be Studied At Uof

    UOF is the most important event for the offshore IT outsourcing sector of Ukraine, and is one of the most popular forums in the former USSR countries. 2006 marks the third time the Forum has been held, and it gathers progressively more participants from Ukraine, CIS, and Europe. Once again, previous attendance records are going to be broken. The forum will be attended by companies from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Canada, USA, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, Egypt and Pakistan.

    The Ukraine is a new player in the global offshore outsourcing market, therefore the problems to discuss are numerous. The intensive two day program will include presentations and round-table discussions devoted to IT business development in the CIS, global IT market trends, marketing of outsourcing services, outsourcing of independent testing services to the Ukraine, human resource management, and other problems.

    This year one of the sections will be devoted to regional software development centers and their trends. In progress of the section's operation several presentations and round-table discussions, where every participant will have a chance to ask questions and share ideas concerning the highlighted issues, will be held.

    TechnoPark Corp. will lay upon the tables the most burning problems of regional offshore outsourcing. In spite of the presentation's focus on theDnepropetrovsk Region, many discussed problems are similar in most companies all over Ukraine. "There are a lot of problems: qualification of personnel, low quality of software, small projects - all these are only a few of the thorniest issues," says Anna Stetsenko, HR Director at TechnoPark Corp.

    During the presentation titled "Outsourcing Software Development in Dnepropetrovsk Region: Customer-driven Model" TechnoPark Corp. will cover the most important problems of regional companies and provide its solutions. According to TechnoPark Corp., customer-driven process is the best means for stable growth and improvment of service quality. Today, western clients are no longer wary of outsourcing their projects to eastern Europe. But now they want to get proper communications and high-quality software.

    There are basic aspects required from Ukrainian IT companies by customers from the US, western Europe, and other countries: standardization, certification, well arranged management and development processes, and quality assurance. From TechnoPark Corp., these are the factors which are worth being the core focus of developing regional software companies which are not able to compete with big development companies in the number of employees and scopes of marketing campaigns. Thus ISO standardization, partnership opportunities (Oracle, Microsoft), management and development technologies (XP, MSF, RUP, Agile) as well as certification of engineers and software products will be the key issues of the presentation.

    Besides these issues, market volume, opportunities and advantages of the market, integration with other regions, situation in other big regions (Kharkov, Lvov, Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Vinnitsa), labor market and staff training, current market environment and leading Ukrainian companies will be referred to.

    Summarizing the long-term work over the presentation, including market research, study of the majority of big and medium-size companies in the region, co-operation with universities, and examination of the industry's development dynamics, TechnoPark Corp.'s research team points the positive trends. "Despite the variety of problems, which are to be solved by IT Outsourcing industry in Dnepropetrovsk Region, without a doubt we are gradually transforming from 'backyard production' to world-recognized standards, and improve quality of our products", assures Anna Stetsenko.

    The section devoted to regional software development centers will be open within the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum on October 26. Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov and Donetsk Regions will be presented there along with Dnepropetrovsk Region.

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