Mobile Credit Card Processing System Is Developed

    The system's main idea is to connect mobile phones with credit cards. It means that upon proper credit card verification, the sole mobile phone can be used for payments. The new mobile payment processing system will process transactions using the existing commercial accounts and processing networks. This feature makes the system stands out among other mobile payment systems.

    TechnoPark Corp.'s mobile payment processing system is intended to increase security of transactions by excluding both banking operations within the system and the necessity to provide sellers with a buyer's credit card information.

    Every user will have their own mobile account. The specific mobile application which is to be pre-installed or downloaded to user's mobile phone will be connected to the user's credit card and a password. The data is never transferred via open channels. All the information is transferred to server only via GPRS and 128 bit SSL encryption.

    The Java2ME mobile software is easy to install and use. It is based on Java2SE, XML and Oracle technologies.

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