Technopark Corp. To Attend Cgo Conference

    By attending the Smart-Sourcing Conference, TechnoPark's management intends to gain additional knowledge and experience in providing outsourcing services. TechnoPark will also use this CGO event as an opportunity to introduce itself to IT outsourcing customers.

    The Sixth Annual International Smart-Sourcing Conference will take place in Atlantic City, NJ. Its initiator, the Center for Global Outsourcing (CGO), is an international institution aimed at promoting offshore outsourcing, and enhancing communication between outsourcing customers and offshore vendors.

    In a statement on , the organizers explain their mission. "We are in the midst of a global outsourcing revolution. Global outsourcing has become an accepted business strategy of both Multi National Corporations (MNCs) and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). But as the world changes rapidly, global outsourcing itself has begun to evolve, and it therefore becomes important to re-evaluate and redefine it. This year, we discuss Smart-Sourcing; so that we can challenge ourselves to think differently and be ahead of the curve in this exciting time in the global marketplace."

    The conference will provide TechnoPark Corp. with opportunities for communication and the establishment of partnerships with outsourcing clients, experts, and offshore outsourcing service providers. The conference's keynote speakers include professionals in marketing, technology, and IT management fields. The conference will discuss problems and case studies of offshore IT outsourcing and healthcare outsourcing.

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