Technopark Corp. Collaborates With On A Ppc Optimizer

    TechnoPark Corp. has improved online marketing technology. By building specialized software tools for, TechnoPark Corp. meets the needs of a growing Internet business community. has launched a website devoted to advertising and marketing for today's businessperson. provides targeted business traffic, marketing information, and a devoted management team to oversee services for its members.

    TechnoPark Corp. created the Pay-Per-Click Optimizer which is at the heart of This PPC optimizer, created especially for, tracks web traffic and improves the filtering of fake visits and clicks.

    The Pay-Per-Click process allows marketers to target their advertising by creating keywords. If an Internet user searches for that keyword, the marketer's advertisement will show up. This helps the Internet user find what they need and helps the marketer reach specific customers.

    TechnoPark had to understand the current PPC technology in order to enhance it. Project manager for TechnoPark Corp, Andrey Sadovsky, says "We did significant research on web traffic and search engine traffic. As a result we created a unique module for fraudulent clicks filtering." This new streamlined system allows both the site user and the member to find more value in their experience.

    Online user experience is important because the competition between online marketing directories can be tense. While the Internet has brought a stream of new customers to many businesses, it has also allowed anyone with a website to set up an online marketing tool. By doing a quick search of the Internet, a user will find directories charging outrageous fees, websites sporting misspellings and disjointed language, and services that allow scammers to exploit their products.

    With the help of TechnoPark Corp.'s technology, can offer specific business traffic, professional service, and freedom from fraudulent clicks.

    ExtraGet Corp. is a premier Global internet marketer and reseller company based in the Republic Of Panama. TechnoPark Corp. is a US-based outsourcing software development company with a development center in the Ukraine.

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