A New Website For The Concord Group Corporation Just Released

    A Russian-English bilingual website for the Concord Group is now live at .

    Developed by TechnoPark Corp., the new site aims to boosts the visibility and online image of the company. The goal was a minimalist design that exudes an official style, well-defined structure and clear navigation.

    The Concord Group, which includes a number of companies and organizations, focuses on the industrial construction, metallurgical waste products processing and wind power industries. Concord Group has operations in multiple countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company has headquarters in the Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, China, and Poland.

    The Concord Group and TechnoPark Corp. have enjoyed a business relationship for more than a year. The cooperation has yielded several successful contracts, of which the corporate website development project was the latest.

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