Technopark Corp. Becomes Member Of Russoft

    It is the major software association in the region uniting leading outsourcing software development companies. The Association's website provides software market studies and information about software development companies from the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

    As a respected organization, RUSSOFT Association provides strict criteria for its members. Only companies that meet the criteria are granted membership. By becoming a RUSSOFT Association member, TechnoPark Corp. proved its high level of services and products.

    The Association unites about 80 companies now, including TechnoPark Corp. From RUSSOFT Association: "We maintain the highest level of international standards, professional training and quality control, whereas our companies are the absolute leaders by CMMI/ISO certification in Europe. Their capabilities have been proven by long term customer relationships and partnerships with such companies as IBM, Boeing, SAP, Italtel, CSC and others."

    The outsourcing industry is swiftly developing in eastern Europe. This development is stimulated by high intellectual potential derived from the powerful military sector of the USSR, low cost of IT personnel, governmental support, and cultural ties with western Europe.

    Today, small and medium-sized businesses are major customers of eastern European offshoring companies. Major corporations still hesitate about offshoring software projects to the region, because of the lack of knowledge about the area. To solve this problem, IT outsourcing associations are established, and international forums and conferences are held in the leading outsourcing locations of eastern Europe which are Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

    RUSSOFT is the largest association in the region, and membership is only granted to reliable and mature IT outsourcing companies. For an outsourcer searching for a partner in the region, RUSSOFT membership should guarantee high quality products and processes as well as reliability of the provider. Benefits of membership for outsourcing software development service providers include additional promotional opportunity and communication of experience with other industry players.

    Besides RUSSOFT, TechnoPark Corp. is a member of Ukrainian High-Tech Initiative - the biggest association of IT outsourcing companies in the Ukraine. TechnoPark Corp. is a standing speaker at the annual Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum (UOF) held by the Ukrainian High-Tech Initiative. From TechnoPark Corp., membership in associations and participation in forums and conferences are necessary not only for the company's self-promotion, but also for the promotion of IT Outsourcing Industry in the Ukraine, as long as the country has a very high potential to become one of the world's outsourcing leaders in the next few years.

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