Technopark Corp. Hosted It Meeting

    The meeting attracted representatives from the largest IT companies in the area.

    The business representatives discussed the most pressing issues of the region, including the frontrunners: IT education and professional training. Other issues included the best ways to find qualified programmers and assist the local education institutions with technology.

    During the meeting, business representatives expressed their commitment to boosting educational programs and encouraging professional training for young IT professionals. As the first step towards this goal, the attendees elected to start a Career Day in autumn 2007. During the event, students, graduates, and young IT specialists will be able to learn more about Dnepropetrovsk IT companies, business operations, and the required skills and knowledge to enter into the IT sector.

    The group also discussed developing an IT human resources code of ethics to govern recruiting practices.

    One of the last orders of business of this productive meeting was the formation of the Dnepropetrovsk regional IT Association. It will unite not only the participants, but also some other large IT companies of the region.

    The association will promote the IT industry in the Region, organize IT-related forums and conferences, and work to increase the number and quality of IT professionals in the Dnepropetrovsk Region.

    The next IT Meeting is scheduled for September 2007, where the issues this meeting will be explored in depth.

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