Wikifox Project Finished

    WikiFox, located at , gathers information about websites all overthe Web. Information collected includes website titles, descriptions,keywords, logos, page ranks, site owner's details, etc. WikiFox users areable to search this goldmine of data in seconds just by entering in a webaddress.

    WikiFox combines the revolution of user-based knowledge systems and search technology into a powerful new web research tool. With WikiFox, users are able to find information about websites and also edit WikiFox pages. Users can even add new pages and information of their own.

    The system, based on MediaWiki opensource software, uses the Wiki database. In addition to OpenSource MediaWiki Engine, PHP was used for the project implementation.

    The project was developed by TechnoPark Corp. and successfully delivered to TechnoPark Corp.'s customer. WikiFox will be supported and maintained by TechnoPark Corp.

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