Technopark Corp. Prepares For Iso Certification

    To obtain certification, TPC must demonstrate that its policies are in compliance with ISO standards and provide proof of a successful internal and third-party audit. ISO 9001 is one of the standards of the ISO 9000 family, introduced by .

    In the next month, TPC will finish outlining changes and improvements that are required within the company to meet certification.

    The company currently is reviewing qualifications of five auditors and will make a selection in the coming weeks. The third-party audit and application for certification are slated for January 2008. The certification process will review TPC's business processes, recording, quality control, assurance, defects detection, and more.

    "We realize the great importance of ISO certification. It will bring our clients incontestable quality guarantee and confirm reliability of their partnership with TechnoPark Corp.," says Maria Vinogradova, Quality Assurance Manager in TechnoPark Corp. "There is no doubt that we will pass the audit successfully." Vinogradova continues, "Presently the company has strong internal standards recorded in number of TPC Policy documents, so only small improvements are needed to become compliant with ISO 9001 requirements".

    ISO 9001 Certification is the next step in the company's goal of obtaining CMMI Certification in the future.


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