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    In an age where internet use can reveal information like IP addresses, specific preferences on a website, sites last visited, and home addresses, customers want reassurance that their information will not be used for spam or for criminal purposes. If personal computer use causes concern, conducting business online requires even more trust. When a client is sharing trade secrets, source code, and innovative ideas, they need to be absolutely sure their vendor is reliable.

    BBB Certificate

    Continuing their effort to provide customer reassurance and quality procedures, TechnoPark Corp. (TPC) has announced that they are the proud holder of a BBB Online Seal. The five-month long process to qualify for the seal involved three staff members from the US and the Ukraine. In the end, TechnoPark Corp. developed a Privacy Policy that is now displayed on their website.

    The BBB Online Seal confirms a company is an accredited business in the BBB where they are based. The seal confirms a company has met truth in advertising guidelines, discloses information about the business and its policies, follows basic privacy and security practices, and responds appropriately to problems that arise. The BBB was founded in 1912 and there are now 128 BBB offices in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Customers rely on the BBB's independent judgment when they seek both vendors and business associates.

    TechnoPark Corp. sought the BBB Online Seal because they are a custom software development company with employees and clients that live all over the world. They specialize in project managing software development services. During a project they do time scheduling, risk-management, quality assurance and control, staffing, scope management and communications. Their product guarantees a project will be done on deadline and under budget.

    When working on a project, TechnoPark Corp. uses a virtual team of experts, including software architects, programmers, test analysts, testers, graphic artists, technical writers, deployment managers, system administrators, and quality and technical reviewers. Responsibilities of each team member are very specific and relevant to his or her experience, certifications and skills. The very nature of using virtual teams requires precise security procedures. TechnoPark Corp. uses the best people from around the world, but in order to make sure sensitive information stays safe, TPC has streamlined their security measures and has invested in independent monitors to guarantee their product.

    Just like TechnoPark Corp., world-renowned companies like The Boston Herald, PNC Bank, and Dell, Inc all take time to go through certification with the Better Business Bureau. In general, being associated with the Better Business Bureau means a company is willing to meet at least thirteen minimum requirements, including fulfilling licensing requirements, submitting background information, agreeing to use BBB arbitration, and maintaining clear customer service guidelines.

    The BBB operates to create a community of trustworthy businesses, they set standards for marketplace trust and they denounce substandard marketplace behavior.

    TechnoPark Corp. hasn't stopped their third party certifications with the BBB Online Seal. They plan to obtain ISO 27001 certification by the end of 2008. This certification is intended to provide the foundation for a third party audit. The most international organization in the world knows the importance of being ISO 27001 certified. In 2006, the United Nations Secretariat achieved certification.

    To ensure ISO 27001 standards, an independent certification organization evaluates a prospective company. A six step process is common to most certifying bodies. The certification body asks for the company to complete a questionnaire, an application for assessment is filled out, a pre-assessment visit is made to the premises, documents are reviewed in an audit, then compliance is audited, and finally there are ongoing audits to ensure that standards stay current.

    Arthur Petrenko, TechnoPark Corp.'s Marketing Director, said, "We're proud of the BBB Online Seal. It was a five-month long process, and it represents our quest to operate ethically and provide a safe environment for our customers. We're also looking forward to ISO 27001 certification at the end of the year. Our regular customers know they can rely on us, but we often spend some time convincing new clients to accept an offshore software development company. ISO 27001 eases minds and allows us to do what we're best at, delivering software projects on time and within a reasonable budget."

    Finally, in January 2008, TechnoPark Corp. also verified that they meet industry standards for protecting their customer's rights and their customer's personal information by qualifying for the TRUSTe seal they display on their website. In order to receive a privacy seal, TPC had to show that their customers can opt out of direct marketing and the selling of their information to third parties. The privacy policy explains such things as why TPC collects personal information, how they use the information they collect, and how to unsubscribe from email notifications. The complete privacy policy and seal can be found at TPC site.

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