Technopark Corp. Stays On Track With Continuous Integration

    Naples, FL, September 10, 2008 - TechnoPark Corp. uses one of the best available Open-Source solutions for their continuous integration needs. Apache Continuum version 1.2 allows TechnoPark Corp. to keep an eye on the details of intricate coding within the projects TechnoPark Corp. manages.

    Continuous integration helps TechnoPark Corp. to be more efficient with their time when it comes to coding. When developers have an early warning system to detect faulty code, they spend less time trouble shooting and more time creating useful solutions for their clients.

    Apache Continuum helps developers and teams to improve and maintain quality when they build their project. Apache Continuum notifies developers when they have created incompatible code or if something they built is broken.

    Continuous integration is an automated system that monitors code for errors. One of the advantages of an automated system is that it requires its user to be organized. The system uses a developer's records and processes to monitor the creation of code. If a developer inputs the wrong information, the automated system won't work.

    This is useful because when a developer is creating large quantities of code, they could be unaware of a small error that will disable the whole project. Without an automated system, a project could be near completion before bugs were discovered. With continuous integration, small errors are caught early at a point when they are easier to correct. This also saves the time of having to hunt for tiny problems in vast amounts of code.

    Authors Martin Fowler and Kent Beck first wrote about continuous integration for the programming community in the late 1990's. One continuous integration provider, CruiseControl, now employs Martin Fowler through its parent company, Thoughtworks.

    Appache Continuum can be found at

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