Technopark Corp. Helps Deliver "Video On Demand" Over The Internet.

    Naples, FL, March 19, 2008 - TechnoPark Corp. announces it will create customizable platform software for IPTV translations. This software will allow their South American client to deliver video over the Internet.

    Over the next five months, TechnoPark Corp. will act as project managers, system analyzers, and development architects for the Video on Demand (VoD) system scheduled to handle almost unlimited amount of simultaneous customers.

    "As software developers, IPTV's market niche has great potential for us," says Arthur Petrenko, Marketing Director of TechnoPark Corp. "We believe that TV and movies over the Internet will replace DVD's very soon. Our company is going to get valuable experience in this niche."

    TechnoPark's client, the South America VoD provider, will connectcustomers to over 10 thousand films and TV channels. With TechnoPark's customizable platform software system, publishers, moviemakers and online TV companies will have the ability to deliver video, films, TV channels, cartoons, and many other media formats through the Internet. It will also enable the South America client to create a pay-per-view or pay per month business model.

    TechnoPark Corp. will release the first version of the IPTV software platform in June of 2008. At this time, the name of the client, and more details on the features of the TechnoPark Corp. software, will be available.

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