Technopark Reveals Quality Of Process For Software Development

    Naples, FL, December 18, 2008: TechnoPark Corporation (TPC) announces they have filed for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). To ensure the quality of their process, TPC created an original procedure that includes a quality requirements definition, quality metrics collection, numeric calculations and methods for team motivation.

    By calculating requirement weights, TPC has created software called "thePanel" which allows software developers to accurately predict the quality of their process. Once the necessary calculations are made, they are delivered to project managers, senior managers and project stakeholders.

    Says Arthur Petrenko, TechnoPark Corp.'s Marketing Director, "This method and automated process is at the core of our business. It gives us an advantage and allows us to be unique in the quality we provide to our customers. Our invention makes us the only company in the market offering an automated quality of process calculation through the entire software project.

    By delivering a dependable prediction of the quality of process, all parties involved in a project understand the end goal and how everyone will work together to achieve that end goal. The approach works for individual projects and for businesses trying to maintain multiple processes. The method for measuring quality of process has already helped TPC save 10-40% on their costs and increased team motivation in 10 projects during 2008.

    The application to the USPTO was filed on November 4th 2008 and has a pending number of 12/264,370. This method is going to be patented by the European Patent Office (EPO) next year. Submitting the Quality of Process patent to the US Patent and Trademark Office follows a series of steps over the past year that TPC has taken to fortify their reputation with their clients and to secure their intellectual property. These steps include pending patents and achieving ISO 9001:2000 certification.

    TechnoPark Corp. is a US-based outsourcing software development company with development centers across the globe, including the Ukraine, India and China.

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