Copyright Approval Is Announced For Technopark Corp.'s Online Project Management Materials

    Ukraine Copyright Certificate

    In January 2008, TechnoPark Corp (TPC). applied for copyright protection on a series of online documents that explain the company's unique project management process. Six months later, TPC is pleased to announce that these documents have been successfully copyrighted.

    There are over eighty pages of original TPC content created by TPC experts available at While highlighting topics like time management, cost, scope, quality, risk management, operations, communications, IPR, and delivery and warranty, TPC has provided an in-depth guide to what clients and business partners should expect when using TechnoPark Corp.'s project management system.

    Receiving copyright protection is of incalculable value to TPC. TechnoPark Corp.'s Marketing Director, Arthur Petrenko, says, "It is inexpensive to buy copyright protection, but we feel confident of the benefits. Displaying our unique procedure online helps prospective customers and current business associates understand exactly what they will receive when they agree to use our services. Having a copyright on that material means no other company can claim our expertise and our process as their own. It protects us, but, more importantly, it protects Internet customers from being misled by people who don't have our high standards and time-tested methods."

    TechnoPark Corp.'s project management process has been carefully crafted and put to the test by clients and independent third parties. It was important to TPC that the documents meet and exceed industry standards. To that effect, the eighty pages of online documents are compliant with PMBOK requirements and CMMI.

    PMBOK is a set of guidelines created to concentrate all knowledge of project management practices in one guide. Twenty years ago, volunteers with pooled all their information regarding project management. This became the book A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. PMI is recognized throughout the world as the leading Not-for-Profit organization dealing with all information regarding project management.

    is an approach that provides process improvement to organizations. CMMI has models and reports that can be used when creating successful processes. They also suggest training so that senior managers and employees alike will understand how a process impacts the way an organization can maximize their performance and their profit.

    TechnoPark Corp.'s path to protecting their intellectual property will continue this year when TPC applies for patents to protect their project management system in both the United States and the Ukraine.

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