Technopark Corp Develops Their First Personalized Search Engine For A Niche Market

    TechnoPark Corp., a custom software development company from Florida, finished the creation of the configurable and personalized search engine. The product is available at domain.

    TechnoPark Corp. plans to work with the niche search engine market during the next few years and already has a contract with a German company to develop new niche search engine technology.

    The search engine market is a market that never stands still. It is very young, but powerful and profitable. Search engines pro se became a very rich channel for marketers and for prospect attraction. Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search now are the sources of all information about the products and services. From some point search engines can form a stable marketing position and either help to build your business or to destroy it.

    When speaking about search advertising, we can't neglect to say that it has the most significant share of all on-line advertising. As IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) had shown in its reports, near 41 percent of all online advertising in 2007 was spent on search advertising. Research firm ZenithOptimedia predicts US online ad spending to grow 23.4% in 2008. Global ad spending online will rise 26.5% in 2008 to $47.7 bln.

    TechnoPark Corp. provides the service of project management in software projects, banding programmers, analysts, architects, testers and artitsts together in virtual teams. Due to a number of patent-pending methods of project organization, estimation and coordination TechnoPark Corp. is achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the software development marketplace.

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