Four Most Severe Symptoms Of Lost Quality Control

    Almost every software outsourcing programming contract experiences the same problems with quality of software code produced by remote programmers. Customers don't have enough programming skills and spare time to check the quality-of-code regularly. Programmers don't think too much about quality since the customer is far away.

    As a result, quality-of-code is out of the customer's control. There are four severe symptoms of such a situation:

    • You are afraid to change key programmers since each of them possesses some unique knowledge about your product;
    • You can only hope that your code is of good quality because your coders say it is;
    • You can't add new features freely since the product becomes unstable after every new change;
    • You feel that if you want to get higher quality-of-code you have to change programmers.

    TechnoPark Corp. has developed a solution that returns control over quality-of-code to the customer's hands. Special software built into a continuous integration cycle collects the two most-valuable source code metrics (Code Coverage and Cyclomatic Complexity) and converts their values into bonuses for programmers. By doing this regularly and automatically, the customer and the project team get a unique level of control over quality-of-code.

    More details about the method are available on the TechnoPark Corp website at The method can be implemented in new projects managed by TechnoPark Corp and in currently running projects where TechnoPark Corp might play a role as the project management contractor.

    TechnoPark Corp. is a custom software development company that makes complex full-scale project management simple and clear by means of automated innovative metrics.

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