Patent-pending Invention Enabled Success In A Project By For

    During 2008 TechnoPark Corp. successfully applied a proprietary method of automated quality-of-process control to the web2.0 software project, made for The application of the method enabled in-time delivery and effective usage of customer's money.

    "Time-to-market and effective cost usage were our two critical business requirements, which were fully satisfied by the TechnoPark team", says Markus Leinemann, the director and founder of

    The method was filed for patent by TechnoPark in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in September 2008. After the successful application of the method to the project in Germany, TechnoPark filed patent application to the European Patent Office (EPO).

    The system developed for StadtList will be launched in Germany in April 2009 and is going to attract attention of the most active part of German-speaking web community.

    TechnoPark Corp. is planning to further expand their business activity to customers in Germany.

    StadtList Cooperation, an innovative German e-commerce company, is an owner and manager of a number of famous and well-developed German and worldwide web-projects, including

    TechnoPark Corp., a custom software development US-based company, is an author of several innovative methods of project management for software development, some of them pending patents in USA. | | | | |

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