Most Popular Software Development And Project Management Industry De-facto Standards (summary)

    The information you see in this page was taken from the following sources:

    • Software Engineering Institute, CMMI-DEV, v1.2, Pittsburg, PA, USA, 2006, download.

    • Michael S.V. Turner, Building Successful Technology Solutions, Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA, USA, 2006, buy online.

    • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 3rd Edition, Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, 2004, buy online.

    • PRINCE2, 2005 edition, Office of Government Commerce, London, buy online.

    • RUP, Rational Method Composer, IBM Corp., download.

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    CMMI 1.2 MSF v4 PMBOK 3rd Guide PRINCE2 RUP v7
    not defined Bug Deficiency Reports
    Configuration Settings
    Document Repository
    Functional Specification
    Gold Release
    Installation Scripts
    Master Project Plan
    Master Project Schedule
    Performance Support Elements
    Project Closeout Report
    Project Documentation
    Project Structure Document
    Risk Assessment Document
    Risk Management Plan
    Source Code and Binaries
    Test Cases
    Test Results
    Test Specifications
    Vision/Scope Document
    total: 19
    Activity Attributes
    Activity Cost Estimates
    Activity Duration Estimates
    Activity List
    Activity Resource Requirements
    Administrative Closure Procedure
    Change Requests
    Closed Contracts
    Contract Documentation
    Corrective Actions
    Cost Baseline
    Cost Estimate
    Defect Repair
    Enterprise Environmental Factors
    Historical Information
    Make-or-Buy Decissions
    Milestone List
    Organizational Process Assets
    Performance Measurements
    Preventive Actions
    Procurement Documents
    Project Calendar
    Project Charter
    Project Funding Requirements
    Project Management Plan
    Project Management Processes
    Project Organization Charts
    Project Schedule
    Project Schedule Network Diagrams
    Project Scope Statement
    Project Staff Assignments
    Project Statement of Work
    Qualified Sellers List
    Quality Baseline
    Quality Checklists
    Quality Metrics
    Performance Reports
    Resource Availability
    Risk Register
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Selected Sellers
    Team Performance Asessment
    Work Breakdown Structure
    WBS Dictionary
    Work Performance Information
    total: 50
    Acceptance Criteria
    Business Case
    Checkpoint Report
    Communication Plan
    Configuration Item Records
    Configuration Management Plan
    Daily Log
    End Project Report
    End Stage Report
    Exception Plan
    Exception Report
    Follow-on Actions Recommendations
    Highlight Report
    Lessons Learned Log
    Lessons Learned Report
    Post-Project Review Plan
    Product Breakdown Structure
    Product Checklist
    Product Description
    Product Flow Diagram
    Product Status Account
    Project Approach
    Project Brief
    Project Controls
    Project Initiation Document
    Project Mandate
    Project Plan
    Project Quality Plan
    Quality Log
    Request for Change
    Risk Log
    Stage Plans
    Team Plan
    Work Package
    total: 37
    Analysis Model
    Architectural Proof-of-Concept
    Bill of Materials
    Business Analysis Model
    Business Architectural Proof-of-Concept
    Business Architecture Document
    Business Case
    Business Entity
    Business Glossary
    Business Goal
    Business Operation
    Business Rule
    Business Use Case
    Business Use Case Model
    Business Vision
    Business Worker
    Change Management Plan
    Change Request
    Configuration Audit Findings
    Configuration Management Plan
    Data Model
    Deployment Model
    Deployment Plan
    Deployment Unit
    Design Model
    Developer Test
    Development Case
    Development Infrastructure
    Development Process
    Download Site
    End-User Support Material
    Impementation Element
    Implementation Model
    Implementation Subsystem
    Installation Artifacts
    Integration Build Plan
    Issues List
    Iteration Assessment(s)
    Iteration Plan(s)
    Manual Styleguide
    Measurement Plan
    Navigation Map
    Problem Resolution Plan
    Product Acceptance Plan
    Product Artwork
    Project Measurements
    Project Repository
    Project Specific Guidelines
    Project Specific Templates
    Quality Assurance Plan
    Release Notes
    Requirements Management Plan
    Review Record
    Risk List
    Risk Management Plan
    Software Architecture Document
    Software Development Plan
    Software Requirements Specification
    Stakeholder Requests
    Status Assessment
    Supplementary Specifications
    Target-Organization Assessment
    Test Automation Architecture
    Test Case
    Test Environment Configuration
    Test Evaluation Summary
    Test Log
    Test Plan
    Test Results
    Test Script
    Test Strategy
    Test Suite
    Testability Class
    Testability Element
    Test-Ideas List
    Traceability Matrix
    Training Materials
    Use Case
    Use-Case Model
    User-Interface Prototype
    Work Order
    total: 88
    not defined Architecture
    Product Management
    Program Management
    Release Management
    User Experience
    total: 7
    Project Manager Configuration Librarian
    Project Assurance
    Project Board
    Project Manager
    Project Support
    Project Support Office
    Senior Supplier
    Senior User
    Team Manager
    total: 10
    Business Architect
    Business Designer
    Business-Process Analyst
    Capsule Designer
    Change Control Manager
    Configuration Manager
    Course Developer
    Database Designer
    Deployment Manager
    Graphic Artist
    Management Reviewer
    Process Engineer
    Project Manager
    Requirements Specifier
    Review Coordinator
    Software Architect
    System Administrator
    System Analyst
    Technical Reviewer
    Technical Writer
    Test Analyst
    Test Designer
    Test Manager
    Tool Specialist
    User-Interface Designer
    total: 29
    Casual Analysis and Resolution
    Select Defect Data for Analysis
    Analyze Causes
    Implement the Action Proposals
    Evaluate the Effect of Changes
    Record Data
    Configuration Management
    Identify Configuration Items
    Establish a Configuration Management System
    Create or Release Baselines
    Track Change Requests
    Control Configuration Items
    Establish Configuration Management Records
    Perform Configuration Audits
    Decision Analysis and Resolution
    Establish Guidelines for Decision Analysis
    Establish Evaluation Criteria
    Identify Alternative Solutions
    Select Evaluation Methods
    Evaluate Alternatives
    Select Solutions
    Integrated Project Management
    Establish the Project's Defined Process
    Use Organizational Process Assets for Planning Project Activities
    Establish the Project's Work Environment
    Integrate Plans
    Manage the Project Using the Integrated Plans
    Contribute to the Organizational Process Assets
    Manage Stakeholder Involvement
    Manage Dependencies
    Resolve Coordination Issues
    Measurement and Analysis
    Establish Measurement Objectives
    Specify Measures
    Specify Data Collection and Storage Procedures
    Specify Analysis Procedures
    Collect Measurement Data
    Analyze Measurement Data
    Store Data and Results
    Communicate Results
    Product Integration
    Determine Integration Sequence
    Establish the Product Integration Environment
    Establish Product Integration Procedures and Criteria
    Review Interface Descriptions for Completeness
    Manage Interfaces
    Confirm Readiness of Product Components for Integration
    Assemble Product Components
    Evaluate Assembled Product Components
    Package and Deliver the Product or Product Component
    Project Monitoring and Control
    Monitor Project Planning Parameters
    Monitor Commitments
    Monitor Project Risks
    Monitor Data Management
    Monitor Stakeholder Involvement
    Conduct Progress Reviews
    Conduct Milestone Reviews
    Analyze Issues
    Take Corrective Action
    Manage Corrective Action
    Project Planning
    Estimate the Scope of the Project
    Establish Estimates of Work Product and Task Attributes
    Define Project Lifecycle
    Determine Estimates of Effort and Cost
    Establish the Budget and Schedule
    Identify Project Risks
    Plan for Data Management
    Plan for Project Resources
    Plan for Needed Knowledge and Skills
    Plan Stakeholder Involvement
    Establish the Project Plan
    Review Plans That Affect the Project
    Reconcile Work and Resource Levels
    Obtain Plan Commitment
    Process and Product Quality Assurance
    Objectively Evaluate Processes
    Objectively Evaluate Work Products and Services
    Communicate and Ensure Resolution of Noncompliance Issues
    Establish Records
    Quantitative Project Management
    Establish the Project's Objectives
    Compose the Defined Process
    Select the Subprocesses that Will Be Statistically Managed
    Manage Project Performance
    Select Measures and Analytic Techniques
    Apply Statistical Methods to Understand Variation
    Monitor Performance of the Selected Subprocesses
    Record Statistical Management Data
    Requirements Development
    Elicit Needs Develop the Customer Requirements
    Establish Product and Product Component Requirements
    Allocate Product Component Requirements
    Identify Interface Requirements
    Establish Operational Concepts and Scenarios
    Establish a Definition of Required Functionality
    Analyze Requirements
    Analyze Requirements to Achieve Balance
    Validate Requirements
    Requirements Management
    Obtain an Understanding of Requirements
    Obtain Commitment to Requirements
    Manage Requirements Changes
    Maintain Bidirectional Traceability of Requirements
    Identify Inconsistencies Between Project Work and Requirements
    Risk Management
    Determine Risk Sources and Categories
    Define Risk Parameters
    Establish a Risk Management Strategy
    Identify Risks
    Evaluate, Categorize, and Prioritize Risks
    Develop Risk Mitigation Plans
    Implement Risk Mitigation Plans
    Supplier Agreement Management
    Determine Acquisition Type
    Select Suppliers
    Establish Supplier Agreements
    Execute the Supplier Agreement
    Monitor Selected Supplier Processes
    Evaluate Selected Supplier Work Products
    Accept the Acquired Product
    Transition Products
    Technical Solution
    Develop Alternative Solutions and Selection Criteria
    Select Product Component Solutions
    Design the Product or Product Component
    Establish a Technical Data Package
    Design Interfaces Using Criteria
    Perform Make, Buy, or Reuse Analyses
    Implement the Design
    Develop Product Support Documentation
    Select Products for Validation
    Establish the Validation Environment
    Establish Validation Procedures and Criteria
    Perform Validation
    Analyze Validation Results
    Select Work Products for Verification
    Establish the Verification Environment
    Establish Verification Procedures and Criteria
    Prepare for Peer Reviews
    Conduct Peer Reviews
    Analyze Peer Review Data
    Perform Verification
    Analyze Verification Results
    total: 131
    Defining a Solution
    Planning a Solution
    Building a Solution
    Stabilizing a Solution
    Deploying a Solution
    Guiding the Solution Delivery
    total: 6
    Project Integration Management
    Develop Project Charter
    Develop Preliminary Project Scope Spec.
    Develop Project Management Plan
    Direct ana Manage Project Execution
    Monitor and Control Project Work
    Integrated Change Control
    Close Project
    Project Scope Management
    Scope Planning
    Scope Definition
    Create WBS
    Scope Verification
    Scope Control
    Project Time Management
    Activity Definition
    Activity Sequencing
    Activity Resource Estimating
    Activity Duration Estimating
    Schedule Development
    Schedule Control
    Project Cost Management
    Cost Estimating
    Cost Budgeting
    Cost Control
    Project Quality Management
    Quality Planning
    Perform Quality Assurance
    Perform Quality Control
    Project Human Resource Management
    Human Resource Planning
    Acquire Project Team
    Develop Project Team
    Manage Project Team
    Project Communications Management
    Communications Planning
    Information Distribution
    Performance Reporting
    Manage Stakeholders
    Project Risk Management
    Risk Management Planning
    Risk Identification
    Qualitative Risk Analysis
    Quantitative Risk Analysis
    Risk Response Planning
    Risk Monitoring and Control
    Project Procurement Management
    Plan Purchases and Acquisitions
    Plan Contracting
    Request Seller Responses
    Select Sellers
    Contract Administration
    Contract Closure
    total: 44
    (SU) Starting up a Project
    Appointing an Executive and a Project Manager
    Designing a Project Management Team
    Appointing a Project Management Team
    Preparing a Project Brief
    Defining Project Approach
    Planning an Initiation Stage
    (IP) Initiating a Project
    Planning Quality
    Planning a Project
    Refining the Business Case and Risks
    Setting up Project Controls
    Setting up Project Files
    Assembling a Project Initiation Document
    (DP) Directing a Project
    Authorising Initiation
    Authorising a Project
    Authorising a Stage or Exception Plan
    Confirming Project Closure
    Giving Ad Hoc Direction
    (CS) Controlling a Stage
    Authorising Work Package
    Assessing Progress
    Capturing Project Issues
    Examining Project Issues
    Reviewing Stage Status
    Reporting Highlights
    Taking Corrective Actions
    Escalating Project Issues
    Receiving Completed Work Package
    (MP) Managing Product Delivery
    Accepting a Work Package
    Executing a Work Package
    Delivering a Work Package
    (SB) Managing Stage Boundaries
    Planning a Stage
    Updating a Project Plan
    Updating a Project Business Case
    Updating the Risk Log
    Reporting Stage End
    Producing an Exception Plan
    (CP) Closing a Project
    Decomissioning a Project
    Identifying Follow-on Actions
    Evaluating a Project
    (PL) Planning
    Designing a Plan
    Defining and Analysing Products
    Identifying Activities and Dependencies
    Analysing Risks
    Completing a Plan
    total: 45
    Business Modeling (BM)
    Assess Business Status
    Describe Current Business
    Explore Process Automation
    Develop Domain Model
    Identify Business Processes
    Refine Business Process Definitions
    Design Business Process Realizations
    Define Business Operations
    Refine Roles and Responsibilities
    Requirements (REQ)
    Analyze the Problem
    Understand Stakeholder Needs
    Define the System
    Manage the Scope of the System
    Refine the System Definition
    Manage Changing Requirements
    Analysis and Design (AD)
    Perform Architectural Synthesis
    Define a Candidate Architecture
    Refine the Architecture
    Analyze Behavior
    Design Components
    Design the Database
    Implementation (I)
    Structure the Implementation Model
    Plan the Integration
    Implement Components
    Integrate Each Subsystem
    Integrate the System
    Testing (T)
    Define Evaluation Mission
    Verify Test Approach
    Validate Build Stability
    Test and Evaluate
    Achieve Acceptable Mission
    Improve Test Assets
    Deployment (D)
    Plan Deployment
    Develop Support Material
    Manage Acceptance Test
    Produce Deployment Unit
    Beta Test Product
    Package Product
    Provide Access to Download Site
    Project Management (PM)
    Conceive New Project
    Evaluate Project Scope and Risk
    Plan the Project
    Plan for Next Iteration
    Manage Iteration
    Monitor and Control Project
    Close-Out Phase
    Close-Out Project
    Configuration and Change Management (CCM)
    Plan Project Configuration and Change Control
    Create Project Configuration Management Environments
    Manage Baselines and Releases
    Change and Deliver Configuration Items
    Monitor and Report Configuration Status
    Manage Change Requests
    Environment (E)
    Prepare Environment for Project
    Prepare Environment for an Iteration
    Support Environment During an Iteration
    total: 56
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