Daily Status Reporting

    The Project manager reports to you on a daily basis by the conclusion of each business day. No matter what was done during a day by the project team, and what results were obtained, a Daily Report is sent by email to you.

    The Daily Report includes:

    • List of activities completed
    • Project status (on track, behind schedule, etc.)
    • Hot list of Risks
    • Project performance metrics

    This is an example of Daily Report:

    According to the Iteration Plan we committed, today
    we've done the following (an aggregation of reports
    I've received from team members and re-worked):
    - SRS refined (R15-R22)
    - SAD improved (DE1, DE5, DE8)
    - Implemented: R10, R12
    - Tested and Deployed: R3
    The project is "on track" according to SPI (0.95).
    Top risks still active:
    - API may be delivered not in time
    - .Net architect may be unavailable next week
    - Lack of your feedback on Friday may delay
    project release milestone
    The closest Milestone is on 12-Jan (end of the day).
    Liza Peterson, PM

    Since we do incremental delivery of Deliverables, each Daily Report may include new functionality implemented and tested. Your feedback on each Daily Report is expected and welcomed.

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