What Our Price Includes

    We only work with fixed-price contracts. Staff-hours are used to calculate the price. The Budget is the amount of required staff-hours multiplied by the price of one staff-hour.

    The price per staff-hour includes direct expenses, indirect expenses, and our profit. Depending on the size of the project and cost of technical specialists' efforts price per hour may vary in interval between $25 and $60.

    Direct expenses include:

    • Expenses for technicians/suppliers;
    • Salary and bonuses of project manager;
    • Our expenses for project management software development;
    • Equipment rental;
    • Local and state taxes.

    Indirect expenses include:

    • Corporate QA services;
    • Process improvement;
    • Free defect removal services;
    • Mistakes in estimates that may result in project cost overrun;
    • Management reserve.

    You approve a Budget as the fixed amount of staff-hours and monetary value required to complete the project. The Budget is never changed if scope of the work is not changed.

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