Non-disclosure Of Information

    During the project execution our project manager, project team, executive management and partners may need to have an access to the project information or information provided by you for the project purposes.

    Such information is confidential; that is stated in our software development contract which is signed between us.

    Our software development contract and Confidential Information means all proprietary information disclosed or made available by one part to the other in the course of performing hereunder, whether in written, email, instant message, orally by phone or personally, magnetic, photographic, optical or other form, and whether now existing or hereafter created, including, without limitation, all trade secrets, names and contacts of employees and partners, technology, data, computer programs, processes, methods, operational procedures, plans, strategies or results, and other information of a similar nature that is not generally disclosed by such Party to the public.

    Confidential Information shall not include any information which:

    • is proven by written evidence to have been in a receiving party's possession prior to disclosure by the other Party;
    • is received from a third party having the right to disclose such information;
    • is or hereafter becomes public knowledge through no act or fault of a receiving party; or
    • is proven by written evidence to have been independently developed by a receiving party without access to the Confidential Information of the other party.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed between our company and you in order to protect both parties against losses of such confidential information.

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