Defect Reporting And Tracking

    A Defect is a non-conformance of Deliverables to Specification. Defects can be found by testers, project team members or you. No matter who identifies a Defect, it has to be removed.

    Defects are stored in Defect Tracking System. Every customer will have access to this online system.

    This is an example of properly reported Defect:

    Visibility: high
    Repeatability: often
    Platform: Windows XP
    Browser:  MS IE 7.0
    Defect: Being a registered user, I'm trying to
      change my personal avatar in my account.
      However, I can not upload TIFF file as
      avatar. Browser waits for 30 seconds then
      says that there is no reply from server.
      The same function works properly in
      FireFox and Opera.
    Reported: by Alex
    Date: 8-Jul

    Properly reported Defects are easy to track, monitor and remove.

    For each Iteration we plan certain amount of Defects that may be found, and testers perform all necessary procedures to prepare for that amount of Defects. Test Plan is created by a test analyst at the beginning of each Iteration in the form of guidance for testers. Test Plan leads testers through product functionality and helps them to reveal the most critical Defects.

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