How In-time Delivery Is Assured

    Talented and motivated engineers, programmers, designers and architects may fail to complete a project and miss important milestones if they don't have a project manager who manages time properly. Nowadays in the software industry this happens during the course of many projects. We pay great attention to planning, monitoring, and controlling of time in our projects.

    Right after a ROM Estimate is approved and the project is started, we plan the Inception Phase. Usually, when the project is started, there is a lack of details about system requirements. Accurate planning can be done only after the scope definition and risk analysis are completed, that's why we need to conduct the Inception Phase before Schedule development.

    The main goal of our Inception Phase is to create Specification, identify Risks, calculate Budget, and build a Schedule. Sometimes, in order to define the Schedule, it's necessary to develop a baseline of key architectural software concepts during the Inception Phase.

    LCO Milestone happens following the end of Inception Phase, when the Specification is ready and a Schedule is defined. The Schedule is a one-page table that lists the Iterations and Milestones. As soon as the customer signs the Schedule, it obtains the status of a contractual provision and can't be missed.


    The objective of each Iteration is to implement, test, and deliver a certain part of the product functionality. Iteration normally takes 8-12 working days and starts with a fine-grained Iteration Plan, which is shown to you and is used to track the progress during the project.

    The Iteration Plan is focused on the Iteration objective as defined in the Schedule, and uses the WBS and Network Diagram methods for planning.

    By the end of each Iteration, we conduct an Iteration Acceptance Meeting, where a SPI is presented to you in conjunction with the risk monitoring results. The project is transparently monitored and tracked with an SPI, which is based on the functional requirements and their status of completion.

    Any changes to the Milestones will produce a new version of the Schedule, which you shall sign to make it effective.

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