Requirements Gathering And Analysis Phase

    When a ROM Estimate is approved and the project is started, the project team has documentation that you provided to us - we call it an informal request (also called stakeholder request in RUP).

    Your informal requests may include diagrams, specifications, spreadsheets, and other forms. All of this information is very important to the project team. This information shall be converted to Specification, as required by our process. This is the goal of the Inception Phase - to convert your informal requests into very detailed and well-structured Specifications.

    Inception Phase includes:

    • Refining the scope of the project
    • Project planning
    • Risk identification and analysis
    • Preparing the project environment
    • Estimating the Budget

    The Inception Phase is finished when Specification, Schedule, Risks, and Budget are prepared and you reviewed them. Approval of these documents means a green light for the continuation of the project. The Inception Phase is finished with an LCO Milestone.

    10-15% of the ROM Estimate average (time and effort) is usually spent on the Inception Phase by the project manager and system analyst.

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