Schedule Development And Baseline

    The Schedule is a coarse-grained project scenario, which splits the whole project into Iterations. Each Iteration delivers a certain product functionality. The Schedule is created during the Inception Phase and is approved on an LCO Milestone.

    The Schedule is kept current during the whole project. By having this document, you know when and what results or functions to expect.

    The Schedule is created by the project manager, right after you approve the Specification. Together, all Iterations cover the whole project scope as defined in the Specification. Overall, the Schedule is a central document in the project time management.

    We utilize the best practices of Rational Unified Process (RUP) for the product lifecycle. Thus, the key mandatory Milestones in each project are:

    • Lifecycle Objective (LCO) Milestone
    • Lifecycle Architecture (LCA) Milestone
    • Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Milestone
    • Release Milestone

    The Schedule is developed by the project manager in our online management system and you approve it with one click. The project moves on only when the Schedule had been approved.

    This is an example of a Schedule:

    # Objective Finish Staff-hours
    Project start28-Jan
    I1Inception Phase8-Feb130
    M1Budget Approval (LCO Milestone)8-Feb
    I2Prototype (R1, R5, R9)22-Feb240
    M2Architecture Baselined (LCA Milestone)8-Feb
    I2R1, R3, R4, R822-Feb240
    I3R2, R5, R94-Mar225
    I4R6, R7, R1018-Mar310
    M3Product Readiness (IOC Milestone)18-Mar
    I5Transition Phase3-Apr180
    M4Project finished (Release Milestone)3-Apr

    The Schedule is tracked with a Schedule Performance Index (SPI), which shows you and the project team what progress has been made. The SPI is presented to you on each Iteration Acceptance Meeting.

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