Not Our Problem

    The objective of the project was to create the system that would allow the web-surfers to get support by clicking the banner. But the most important objective of the project for the customer was to get the ability to sell such services.

    In the middle of implementation we noticed that the customer was going to use one demo server, with low performance and reliability, to demonstrate the system to potential buyers. Such a server was unable to handle the system that was intended for high performance with a full load. Hardware risks were not taken into account.

    Of course this was not our problem because the contract was signed and it's not up to us to decide where the customer is going to use the system. But the risk affected the key objective of our project -- the customer's success.

    That's why we notified him about this risk and suggested a more reliable demo version of the system especially for demonstration purposes.

    The project was running close to the finish line. The Customer had found his first client and asking us to force the work. He wanted to get the working system as soon as possible. Under this time pressure we configured the system at demo and work platform in a week. But after the first round of negotiations the customer came back to us with an issue -- the demo server system often died with some unexpected errors.

    In two days a more productive demo server was bought and the demo version of system was configured. The second round of negotiations was finished with triumph. The key objective was reached and the project was closed successfully.

    It's very important for us to help the customer be successful. The customer's success is our triumph! That's why we worry about the customer's risks and issues. When it comes to completing a project, we never have the attitude of "it's not our problem".

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