Iterative And Incremental Software Development Process

    We implement full-scale PMBOK-inspired project management and make its every last detail valuable and easy-to-understand by means of instant automated metrics. Complex project management principles, documents, processes and rules are transparent for you with our project management web panel.

    Our software development lifecycle is iterative and incremental. We deliver software product by independent builds at the end of each Iteration. You approve Schedule at the LCO milestone in the first weeks of a project, and then track it by Earned Value data.

    The diagram shows how your informal request is transferred to Deliverables, which you accept at the end of the project:


    Project communications are iterative and customer-focused. They include Daily Reports, incremental delivery of software product, regular acceptance meetings with project status reporting and monitoring.

    We proactively protect intellectual property rights of software by means of Non-Disclosure Agreements and information security internal policies and rules.

    When a project is closed, we continue to provide warranty defect removal services for Deliverables.

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