Delivery Of Increments

    Incremental delivery of software means that software product is specified, designed, implemented, tested and deployed in a number of builds. Each build has a new portion of functionality. All builds together constitute the project scope.

    Consider the example development steps in a sample software project. Project statement is:

    System is an online database management tool where
    end-users can find information about real estate
    objects and post new ads.

    This is a list of functional requirements in the SRS:

    # Requirement Build Status
    R1End-user can initiate search by keyword, System shall display search result#2accepted
    R2End-user can post a new ad, System shall validate information and include new ad into database#2accepted
    R3End-user can scroll search result in paging mode, System shall display different pages with search result#3accepted
    R4Administrator can list users and block any, System shall display user list and delete selected users#3tested
    R4.1Administrator can sort list of users, System shall sort according to selected sorting criteria#3implemented

    This is an example of the Schedule for the sample project:

    # Objective Finish Staff-hours
    Project start28-Jan
    1Inception Phase8-Feb120
    MBudget Approval (LCO Milestone)8-Feb
    2R1, R222-Feb180
    3R3, R4, R4.14-Mar260
    MProduct Readiness (IOC Milestone)18-Mar
    4Transition Phase3-Apr140
    MProject finished (Release Milestone)3-Apr

    Imagine that the project is in Iteration #3 and right now the project team is performing user acceptance testing with you for build #3.

    The example illustrates that each new Iteration gives you a new workable product, and serves as an extension to the previous build.

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