Two-step Quotation Process

    We do projects in fixed-price contracts, meaning that the price is defined according to scope definition and is not changed unless there are changes to Specification. We take all risks of cost overrun so that you pay only the price defined in project Budget.

    Our two-step quotation process has a number of important advantages:

    • Final budget is optimal, without extra costs and reserves
    • Guarantees "win-win" outcome for you and us
    • Avoids cost overrun
    • Guarantees project success

    We calculate and communicate all project costs in staff-hours. Actual monetary size of project is a multiple of staff-hours and price per hour.

    Cost is estimated in two steps:

    The ROM Estimate is provided to you in response to your informal request and is based on the Vision document. ROM Estimate gives a range (low and high boundary) of the expected Budget. You approve the range and the project team performs requirements gathering and analysis during the Inception Phase. These steps result in the creation of a SRS document.

    When the SRS is ready and you approved it, the project team estimates project Budget as an exact amount of staff-hours. The Budget can only be within the range provided in ROM Estimate. Upon your approval of the Budget, the project continues.

    If you don't approve the Budget for any reason, you pay only the Retainer, which covers the efforts for Requirements gathering and Specification development.

    Payments are made according to Milestones defined in the Schedule, which is approved together with the Budget.

    Budget covers all costs, including programming, requirements analysis, management, project management, architecture and design, testing and quality assurance.

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