Changes Happen And We Manage Them

    Changes are inevitable in software development projects and we recognize that change and the resulting uncertainty are inherent aspects of the IT life cycle. A change has potential to ruin the project, or it can creatively increase the value of the business. The outcome depends on an established change control procedure created during the project.

    We advocate a strict approach to change management. Each new change is formally reviewed, estimated, and approved prior to being implemented.


    There are several consecutive steps in a change control procedure:

    • Requested change comes from you or project team (in any form).

    • Project manager, with the help of system analyst and project team, analyzes the impact. The impact is estimated in staff-hours (Cost) and business days (Schedule).

    • You approve or reject the estimation.

    • New Specification is developed by the project team.

    • Changes to Schedule, Risks, and Budget and are estimated and presented.

    • You approve or reject the changes.

    When the above procedure is finished, the changes become effective and the project team works with the new Schedule, Budget and Risks.

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