Top Level User Requirement

    A system boundary is defined by Requirements. A Feature is a type of high-level user Requirement that explains what the user wants to do with the system in order to satisfy their needs.

    A Feature describes what the user can do with the system. Features are listed in the Vision.

    Examples of Features include:

    # Feature
    FEAT1User can manage their account, edit settings, upload photos, and exchange messages with other users.
    FEAT2Administrator can manage users, view reports, print reports, send reports by email, and configure reporting system.
    FEAT3Affiliate can access system database reports via XML, obtain the latest user data or statistics, and payout reports.

    The key difference between a Feature and a Functional Requirement is that the Feature is a non-formal statement. A Feature resembles a wide and uncertain definition of functionality, while a Functional Requirement resembles a strict and unambiguous formula.

    Each Functional Requirement is traced back to a Feature in the Traceability Matrix.

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