Vision Document Is A Preliminary Specification Of Scope

    Each customer has their own understanding of task definition. Customers also use their own format for documentation. Sometimes, such documentation is properly formatted and presented, and sometimes it is not. We use a uniform and standard format for the preliminary scope definition. It is short, simple, and very clear - we call it the Vision.

    The Vision document is a two page file that includes a description of the project, list of Features, key risks, assumptions, and architectural concepts. It is possible to present any product scope in this simple format, even if the product is very large.

    The Vision document is not a fully-dressed Specification and cannot be used by developers for the purpose of programming. The Vision is used by the system analyst, project manager, customer, and other stakeholders for the following reasons:

    • To define the boundaries of the product.
    • To gain an understanding of project goals.
    • To identify key stakeholders and their needs.

    A system analyst usually spends up to five hours developing the Vision.

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